Danielle Humphries

Probate Executive

Danielle has exceptional experience in probate and administering of estates as she is a former Probate Officer at The Brighton Probate Registry with first hand experience of granting probate and dealing with personal applicants.

Danielle’s Clients

Danielle’s clients are typically bereaved family members managing the affairs of a loved one.

Experience and approach

First and foremost Danielle is understanding and sympathetic to the challenge of dealing with financial affairs whilst grieving for the loss of a beloved family member.  Her time at Brighton’s Probate Registry means she is adept at ensuring Probate Applications are successful and she prides herself on her clear advice and guidance.

Danielle, like all our probate assistants, is the dedicated first point of contact for her clients and works closely with the Probate Manager and our expert solicitors on complex matters surrounding trusts, tax and missing beneficiaries .

Areas of expertise

  • Grant of Probate Applications
  • Administration of Estates