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10th September 2012

Commercial Squatting

As has been widely reported and mentioned in my last blog, the act of squatting in a residential property has become a criminal offence. But…

16th August 2012

Are Squatters Days Numbered?

Although there can be sympathy for those who are homeless, society has an overriding responsibility of protecting the property owner in regards to dispute resolution.…

3rd August 2012

Tenancy Deposits

Landlords beware! Strict rules apply when receiving a tenant’s deposit. Section 213 of the Housing Act 2004 provides that you must protect the tenant’s deposit…

26th July 2012

Drought for Developers

Just as the hosepipe bans brought a deluge of rain will the commencement of Schedule 3 to the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 (1…

17th July 2012

Green Deal Regulations 2012

The green deal introduced new types of arrangement for the installation of energy efficient measures, called a “Green Deal Plan”. The installation of efficiency measures…

16th July 2012

How Landlords can save money

In these hard times its good to know of anything that can help landlords. This is especially the case if it saves a landlords tax…

4th July 2012

Floors with Flaws

Many years ago a respectable household would be shamed by the appearance of bare floor boards and carpets were thought to be the height of…

27th June 2012

Party Time

Its a great shame we cannot pick our neighbours. Whether we live on a large country estate or small terraced house in the city, neighbours affect…