Residential property thought leadership

Can traditional estate agents continue to thrive in the brave new online world

In February 2018 Rix & Kay published its thought leadership report that examined the role that estate agents have to play in the home buying and selling process.

Members of Rix & Kay’s dedicated Residential Property Team conducted detailed face-to-face interviews with 16 traditional estate agents, who between them operate 127 offices across the South-East. All the interviewees were either Owners, Partners or Senior Managers.

The purpose of each interview was to uncover a range of common themes and challenges that traditional estate agents were facing in the market, particularly given the prominent rise of online estate agents who were challenging the traditional model. By gathering expert opinion from the people who best understand these challenges, our aim was to publish a thought-leadership report that would act as a strategic guide for traditional estate agents across the UK and help individuals better understand the role estate agents had in supporting the home buying and selling process.

The report concluded that traditional estate agents are having to step in to support clients who have chosen to be represented by online estate agents to ensure that chains do not collapse and that sales complete. The result is rising costs for traditional estate agents whilst the home buying and selling process becomes more protracted, more expensive and more stressful for individuals.

Read more about Rix & Kay’s residential property thought leadership report and the key themes and conclusions in our press release.

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