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How to contact us

The welfare of everyone during these difficult times, including our clients, our friends and our colleagues, is Rix & Kay’s primary concern. To manage this, and in line with government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19, Rix & Kay has undertaken a full Covid-19 secure workplace risk assessment and implemented a Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy.

Our offices

Our offices are open and we strongly advise making an appointment if you need to meet with any of our team face-to-face. To arrange an appointment please contact us where a member of our reception team will be available to help you.

How to contact Rix & Kay

All of our people have their direct dial contact telephone numbers published on our website. If you know to whom you need to speak, then you can use their direct dial numbers to contact them. If you are not sure whom you should contact, then please contact our receptions staff who remain available to help.

If you would prefer to email us then you can send enquiries to any team member via his or her personal profile page on the Rix & Kay website. You can also send enquiries via any of our service area pages. If you are still not sure whom to email then please send your enquiry to

Security and confidentiality

We have, for a number of years, maintained an agile working policy across the firm and the security and confidentiality of information is embedded into our agile working practices. During this period in which our agile working will increase, our levels of security and confidentiality will remain of the highest order.

Rix & Kay is committed to doing everything it can to support everyone we work with. If you need to contact us for any reason then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Dedicated Covid-19 support and advice blog

Rix & Kay has set up a dedicated resource where we will publish regular updates and guidance for businesses and individuals affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. You can visit the blog here