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Rix & Kay the official provider of legal services to the “Human Swan’s” next conservation expedition to fly with ospreys

16th August 2019

Sacha Dench, champion sportswoman, conservationist, famously named the “Human Swan” for her paramotor journey in 2016 following the Bewick’s swan migration from the Russian arctic to the UK reveals plans to break more records for conservation.

This time the aim is to help the magnificent osprey, a bird that was once common across Europe but was driven to extinction in many parts, including Britain, in the 1800s.

Now reintroduced to a few sites across the UK and Europe, the “Flight of the Osprey” expedition is an international collaboration that will investigate the threats to the osprey along their range, and what we can all do – as individuals, local communities and the organisations we work for – to help the osprey make a comeback.

In autumn 2020, Sacha will cross 15 countries using just a simple fabric wing and with a small propeller engine strapped to her back, in the first ever attempt to follow the osprey’s annual migration, in particular the fortunes of GPS tagged birds.

Read more about the expedition on the Conservation Without Borders website.

Rix & Kay named official providers of legal services

Regional law firm Rix & Kay will be the official providers of legal services for the new project. The team including Bruce Hayter and Amy White will provide dedicated legal support to Sacha Dench and the team as they navigate from Scotland to West Africa.

The firm is well placed to support this ambitious expedition, having sponsored Sacha Dench’s original migration expedition following the Bewick’s Swan.

Organisations collaborating in this project include UN agencies, conservationists, farmers, scientists, fishermen, media representatives, global corporations and governments.