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Rix & Kay proud to support record breaking climate expedition

6th May 2021

Regional law firm, Rix & Kay with offices in Brighton & Hove, Uckfield, Sevenoaks and Ashford have confirmed they will be supporting a double world record-attempt to mark the UN climate conference in Glasgow.

A world-first circumnavigation of mainland Britain is to be attempted by the ‘human swan’ in a specially adapted electric paramotor.

The Round Britain Climate Challenge – a circumnavigation of mainland Britain by Sacha Dench with an electric paramotor – will be launched at an event at the Glasgow Science Centre on the 18th June 2021. This 3000 mile plus expedition will travel anti-clockwise around Britain ending back in Glasgow in the region of 6 weeks later

Sacha will literally “take off” from the Glasgow area on the expedition during the week of 21st June – the exact location and date is weather dependent

‘Human swan’ Sacha Dench, known for global expeditions with migratory species, has turned her focus to climate change for this expedition after losing her family home in the Australian bushfires last year.

Watch Sacha Dench’s latest video as she prepares for her epic adventure here

The expedition – headline sponsored by EDF, Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity – will see Sacha fly over 3000 miles around mainland Britain. The attempt is an extreme test, over some challenging and spectacular landscapes, of the capability of a newly adapted electric paramotor. This will replace the usual 2 stroke engine she has used for long expeditions like the flight following the Bewick’s swan from Arctic Russia to the UK. She hopes to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest, and first, flight around Britain in a paramotor. It will also be the first long-distance expedition attempted with an electric paramotor.

On the way around Britain, Sacha and a ground crew will be meeting people from all walks of life, trying to answer the question ‘Britain drove the Industrial Revolution, can we drive the Green Revolution too?’ The crew will travel in electric vehicles, interviewing people who are working hard to promote sustainable approaches that will help Britain archive Net Zero by 2050. The team will be hosted by climate heroes from industry, agriculture, communities and conservation that are providing campsites for the team each night.

The expedition and campaign will be shared via live video updates from air, ground and underwater. The aim is to rally enthusiasm, optimism and ambition from the whole country to cut our carbon footprint, at work and at home. A compilation of the stories discovered will be presented at COP26 in Glasgow in November.

The second World Record attempt is a mass public call to get at least 140,000 people to sign up to CountUsIn, a global carbon initiative, in one month. On achieving this every participant will be able to download their own Guinness World Record certificate saying they were part of a world record

Bruce Hayter, Chairman of Rix & Kay commented,

“Rix & Kay has been a long-time supporter of Sacha Dench and her ground-breaking expeditions that have helped to shine a spotlight on some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the planet today. Our long association began in 2016 when we worked with Sacha and her team on the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) expedition – Flight of the Swans. Needless to say, we are delighted to be part of Sacha’s next big adventure but, more importantly, helping Sacha and everyone involved in this amazing project to drive a green revolution.”

Simone Rossi, EDF’s UK CEO said,

“With the UK hosting COP26 this year, we need climate change at the top of the agenda. Replacing fossil fuels in transport with low carbon electricity is one of the steps to Net Zero. As Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity, generating power from wind, nuclear and solar, EDF is excited to support the Round Britain Climate Challenge. It is a brilliant initiative to highlight climate change and some of the amazing people tackling it. Let’s break some world records and let’s help Britain achieve Net Zero.”

Scott Abrahams, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Mastercard UK & Ireland added,

“The Round Britain Expedition is a pioneering adventure to inspire the UK and beyond and we’re delighted to be a major partner to help empower people to take meaningful action against climate change. At Mastercard we’re proud to manage our own footprint, develop technology solutions that help consumers make informed decisions on their environmental impact and deliver on our Priceless Planet Coalition commitments to restore 100 million trees by 2025.”

Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder of the Eden Project and contributor to the expedition said,

“One of my heroes, Muhammad Ali used to ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ as another of them, Sacha Dench flies like a swan, stinging only with a tale of the challenges facing us. Tracing the entire coast of Britain in a pilgrimage to the natural world and our need to adapt and save it from the worst of climate change, landing to talk to people making a difference to a future that still remains ours to make. We find our country embarking on a course to a green enlightenment and Sacha wants to tell this story and expose the risks of not grasping the future. Eden and so many others stand behind her as a champion for our only planet home hoping that her commitment will excite us into action to become citizens not consumers of the world.”

Nigel Topping, UK High Level Champion for UN COP26 commented,

“This campaign will shift the narrative on climate and biodiversity issues – leading to real, on the ground action. We, the High Level Champions, support this initiative fully. It will make an important contribution to the global climate crisis.”

Sacha Dench concluded,

“ I am very thankful to all the sponsors and supporters who have stepped up to make this happen, particularly our major backers EDF. The support has been overwhelming, from companies to teachers, heads of government and individuals who have donated – getting us to take-off has been a mass effort.

Along with testing the capability of electric flight, and challenging what we think is possible, together we want to capture the imaginations of the young and old, rural and urban, and focus on answers to the climate crisis – not problems – and encourage everyone, to get involved. Climate change has to be seen as a mountain we can climb, not a dark cloud on the horizon too big to think about.

My hopes for COP26 are that the whole country shows up, whether in person or in spirit, with the aim of acting, collaborating, sharing challenges and ideas, not just to be seen to be there. I hope that all the decision-makers involved in COP remember to hear the voices of people around the country and around the world. For global corporations, these people are your staff, your children, your future customers. I also hope that companies realise that they are mass influencers with the power to choose our future, to shift our economies into hyper-drive on climate action before it is too late… or not. With all big adventures, as Mandela said, it always seems impossible, until it is done.”