Patents and Know-How

A patent is an intellectual property right that grants the patent owner the exclusive right to use an invention. With the increasing need to innovate in order to maintain a competitive edge, more businesses are considering patent protection for their new innovations.

In order to qualify for a patent, the invention should be new, inventive and capable of being made or used in industry. Our IP lawyers understand the importance of providing strategic advice on patent strategy against the backdrop of the business’s commercial objectives.

This could mean that obtaining a patent does not accord with your commercial goals and instead, you may be able to rely on confidentiality to protect your inventions as know-how or trade secrets.  Our extensive commercial expertise will provide you with a valuable sounding board.

Depending on the nature of a business, patents can prove to be extremely valuable assets. The intellectual property solicitors at Rix & Kay advise clients on obtaining patents and have strong relationships with a network of specialists to assist with drafting patent applications, which often involves a deep technical understanding of the subject area.

Our services include:

If you have a query about patents or you have an invention that you consider worthy of patent protection please contact the IP team at Rix & Kay for assistance. Please contact Sara Carpenter Head of Corporate via e-mail or submit an online enquiry.