Copyright is a property right that can exist in specific types of work, such as literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, as well as sound recordings and films.

If you own the copyright in a specific piece of work then you have the exclusive right to use that work. In practice, this means you can stop others from using it without your consent. There is no official requirement to register copyright – it arises automatically.

Many businesses will not be aware that they own copyright material, yet much of this will have significant value to the business. For example, a business’s advertising materials, website content and IT software could all benefit from copyright protection, and all of which are hugely important to the business.

In this age of technology and innovation, Rix and Kay can assist clients to identify copyright material and advise on how best to protect it, thereby maximising the value of these assets.

Our services include:

If you have a query concerning copyright, the IP team at Rix & Kay can assist you. Please contact Tariq Sayfoo a Solicitor in our Corporate and Commercial team in our Brighton & Hove office on 01273 766917 or via e-mail or submit an online enquiry.