Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

The law on confidential information can be extremely useful to protect valuable business information, which may not otherwise be protected under traditional intellectual property rights, or which would simply be considered as a business’s trade secrets.

Rix & Kay’s lawyers advise businesses on maintaining the confidentiality of their information.

Most, if not all, businesses have assets that would be considered commercially sensitive and which could benefit from the law of confidential information. These may include client/customer lists, formulae, processes, financial information, business plans and computer programs (source code).

In theory, information can retain its confidential nature indefinitely because unlike with traditional intellectual property rights, there is no time limit for protection.

There are times when a business must reveal commercially sensitive information, for instance to its own employees to allow them to perform their roles, or to third parties during business transactions. Our solicitors provide practical advice to businesses about maintaining confidential information both during and after employment, as well as when dealing with other businesses on corporate or commercial transactions.

Our services include:

If you are concerned about the protection of your business’s confidential information or trade secrets please contact Rix & Kay for assistance. Please contact Sara Carpenter, Head of Corporate via e-mail or submit an online enquiry.