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11th January 2017

Post-Nuptial Agreement Factsheet

A Post-Nuptial Agreement is a contract that is drawn up after marriage or a couple have formed a civil partnership. The Agreement provides details on…

11th January 2017

Collaborative Law Factsheet

Collaborative Practice is an alternative way for separating couples to work as a team with trained lawyers and other professionals (such as child specialists and…

9th January 2017

Family Law Leaflet

Rix & Kay can help and advise you in all aspects of family law, for further information on our areas of expertise along with alternative options to…

4th October 2016

Life lessons from headline breakdowns

Watching others acting out the ending of a marriage on a public stage can provide a valuable lesson on how to ‘uncouple’ with least pain. …

25th June 2015

Cheats Never Prosper – or do they?

The Supreme Court is just about to hear two cases which may well go some way to answering the above question. In both cases, it…

3rd October 2014

Life after death

More and more of you are living together happily, having children and generally conducting your lives outside of marriage. What very few of you probably…