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27th June 2012

Party Time

Its a great shame we cannot pick our neighbours. Whether we live on a large country estate or small terraced house in the city, neighbours affect…

12th April 2012

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

One day a squirrel moves into a very nice nest on the downs. Lets call him Sid. On the other side of the slope lives…

14th March 2012

Love thy Neighbour

Our relationship with neighbours has changed over the years. The notion that you could shout over the fence to borrow a cup of sugar or…

21st February 2012

Love thy neighbour

‘Valentines Day has come and gone and it has occurred to me how the workplace romance has changed over the past few years’. The ritual…

13th September 2011

First Prosecution Under The Bribery Act

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced that it is to bring the first prosecution under the Bribery Act against a Magistrates Court Clerk, for requesting…