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20th December 2016

Mediation – is the message getting through?

Alistair Rustemeyer, an accredited mediator with CEDR since 1999 examines the role mediation plays in the civil litigation arena. “Mediation is an effective way of…

28th June 2016

Finder’s Keepers?

If you find a lost item in a public place and you take possession of it, can you keep it?  The act of taking possession…

18th January 2016

The Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is an eagerly awaited piece of legislation which came into force for contracts entered into on or after the 1st…

25th July 2014

What’s the Point of Mediation?

Having just obtained accreditation as a mediator I have found that even though every procedural guidance covering disputes recommends alternative dispute resolution (ADR) should be…

7th March 2014

Make Sure You Are The Nice Guy! Or Else!

It’s the stereotypical scene. Mr Red, a high-powered, self-driven dictator known as the Chief Executive of his company Sphere Crunchers plc, barks at his solicitors…

25th February 2014

Back To The Future On Mitchell

History always repeats itself. Many of us old enough will recall pre-CPR conditions. In pre-Woolf litigation the party was at fault if they failed to…

10th December 2013


Traditionally mining was associated with pockets of our industrial heartland in the North, as well as areas in the Midlands and the West. The majority…