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24th August 2017

What is your right to be forgotten?

Had enough of old news or past deeds you’d rather not revisit coming up every time your name is typed into a search engine? Is…

20th December 2016

Mediation – is the message getting through?

Alistair Rustemeyer, an accredited mediator with CEDR since 1999 examines the role mediation plays in the civil litigation arena. “Mediation is an effective way of…

29th June 2016

Team raises money for local charities

Rix & Kay Solicitors recently completed the annual Brighton Legal Walk 2016 as part of the London Legal Support Trust’s campaign to raise funds for…

28th June 2016

Finder’s Keepers?

If you find a lost item in a public place and you take possession of it, can you keep it?  The act of taking possession…