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Life at Rix & Kay

Our vision is to be the employer of choice in the South East and we are committed to making it easy for you to make your mark your own way. We want all our employees to work in a stimulating and challenging environment where they can meet their career aspirations.

Our people and their experiences working at Rix & Kay

Caroline Knowles Lee, Dispute Resolution Solicitor

I joined the Dispute Resolution team at Rix & Kay on 01 June 2020, working principally with the Hove based members of the team. As we were still in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic the team, and the firm, were all working from home as per Government guidance. As a result there were so many thoughts running through my mind as the date approached – how I would even get onto the R&K systems in the first place without stepping foot inside the office? How was I going to be inducted into the firm?  How would I get to know my colleagues?

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Jenny Reardon

Jenny Reardon, HR Manager

I was initially attracted to Rix & Kay because of its excellent reputation within the local area. My role as HR Manager has proved to be a challenging and interesting one providing me with the opportunity and autonomy to influence and assist the business to move forward. We have high expectations of our staff but we also have the mechanisms in place to support and develop them to meet their career aspirations. I have personally benefited from our management development programme and I have seen the positive impact this had had on our people and our business.

Tracey Sullivan

Tracey Sullivan, Quality & Compliance Manager

It is great to work for a firm with such a positive attitude to quality and compliance. The systems and controls we have in place at Rix & Kay enable us to manage risk, meet our regulatory requirements and deliver a professional service. We are proud of our quality standards and accreditations and as part of the compliance team, I am happy to be in a position to help maintain the strong culture of compliance throughout the firm.

make your mark your own way

Make your mark your own way

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