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Client feedback and continuous improvement

We believe that providing an outstanding client experience is what truly sets us apart from other law firms. Our approach to ‘making law easy for you’ is so important to Rix & Kay’s continued success that we invest significant time and resources to gather feedback from our clients that is used to measure our performance.

Rix & Kay’s client satisfaction scores

Rix & Kay is committed to gathering client feedback and measuring client satisfaction. All our clients are asked to complete client satisfaction surveys on the completion of our work. The surveys focus on six key pillars of client service that provides the firm with key performance indicators that evidence how we make law easy for you. Those pillars are:

  • Responsiveness of our lawyers – satisfaction rate in excess of 92%
  • Understanding clients’ issue – satisfaction rate in excess of 95%
  • Approach of our staff – satisfaction rate in excess of 95%
  • Using plain English – satisfaction rate in excess of 95%
  • Kept updated on costs – satisfaction rate in excess of 90%
  • Received value for money – satisfaction rate in excess of 95%
ISO 9001 logo accreditation

ISO 9001 accredited legal advice

Rix & Kay maintains exceptionally high levels of quality assurance. We are ISO 9001 accredited. Law firms undergo stringent assessments on a regular basis to maintain accreditation.

We will always strive to deliver excellence in our service but should you become concerned or unhappy please refer to our guide on how to resolve a problem with our service.

Compliance obligations

As part of our compliance obligations laid down by our regulator, we are obliged to undertake client due diligence, in the same way as a bank might do if you were to open a new bank account. This entails undertaking verification exercises in relation to a client’s identity and address. We comply with these obligations by running electronic searches in relation to our clients, be they individual or corporate, and also in relation to the directors and controllers of corporate entities. (Please note that even if we obtain address and identity verification documents from you and certify copies of them, we will still obtain certain information through the use of electronic searching.)

We are unable to commence any substantive work for clients until these searches have been completed. Our fee for undertaking the electronic searches required is £14.50, which includes value added tax. This fee for this is detailed separately when we invoice clients.

We are required to keep the information obtained through our searches up to date and therefore we may be obliged to undertake further searches if we undertake several matters for clients or matters extend beyond one calendar year. If we are required to undertake further searches, we notify clients and ensure fees are clearly itemised on our invoices.

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