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Let’s be honest, the need for legal services is a fact of life – both personally and commercially.

And if law isn’t your profession, the legal framework within which we live and work can sometimes sound like a foreign language.

At Rix & Kay, we make law as easy and accessible as it can possibly be. We’ve turned everything on its head, pulled it apart and put it back together in an honest and modern way to deliver you a superior legal service. Hugely professional and responsive, we put the onus on us in terms of driving your process.

And because we’ve made it easy and streamlined without compromising on expert service, it allows us to deliver technically excellent legal advice and outstanding value for money. A plus for all our clients, private and commercial.

A business is its people, ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

At Rix & Kay we offer commitment, expertise and transparency, values embodied by our dedicated, highly trained team. We are tightly collaborative and supportive of one another in a way that means we evolve to think smarter. We engage deeply with our clients, as our purpose is to make your lives easy and your visits and calls welcome while we deliver the solution.

Our vision

To be the principal source of advice in the South East for business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals – helping them to create, grow, protect, realise and pass on their business and personal wealth for the benefit of themselves, their families, successive generations and communities within which we live and work through the deployment of targeted business and private client services.

Our aim is

  • To be the Legal Adviser of Choice in the South‐East
  • To be the Legal Employer of Choice in the South‐East
  • Driving a Successful and Growing Business

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Our values

Committed Icon

1. Make sure all we do, we do well
2. Be accessible and accountable
3. Respect every individual
4. Listen and understand
5. Exhibit integrity and honesty
6. Be builders of trust

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1. Remain leaders through continuous improvement
2. Be real about what we can deliver (and when)
3. Be persistent in your best interests

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1. Set out clear advice
2. Be crystal clear on fees
3. Speak in plain English

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