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Rix & Kay has a defined set of ESG objectives that the firm is continuously working towards.

Our ESG objectives are aligned to four key UN Sustainability Goals where the actions of Rix & Kay and all its stakeholders are considered to have an opportunity to deliver greatest impact.

Rix & Kay’s ESG Objectives

  • Invest in community projects and pro-bono work to foster sustainable communities
  • Ensure Rix & Kay supports a sustainable environment
  • Ensure Rix & Kay is equal, diverse and inclusive across all its stakeholder groups
  • Foster a workplace environment that promotes mental and physical wellbeing

Rix & Kay maintains regular and open dialogue with all members of staff to update them on progress and to encourage them to participate in a wide range of initiatives that focus on the firm achieving its ESG objectives.

Some of Rix & Kay’s ESG Initiatives

  • Supporting and promoting the Round Britain Climate Challenge
  • Participating in Count Us In – a global initiative acting on climate change
  • Maintaining proactive membership of the Legal Sustainability Alliance
  • A commitment to be paperless by October 2022
  • Driving a continued transition to a net zero supply chain
  • Proactive involvement in the Sussex Cricket Foundation and supporting Brighton & Hove’s Urban Plan for Cricket
  • Maintaining a dedicated mental health and well-being hub for all its employees
  • Supporting the University of Brighton’s mentoring scheme for minority groups and university students

Rix & Kay aims to continually improve stakeholder engagement, to raise awareness of key issues and to improve participation levels in all of its ESG initiatives. In addition to the initiatives referenced above, we provide regular updates to employees on the evolvement of our environmental commitments that include things like promoting online meetings to reduce mileage; adoption of our cycle scheme; emissions cap on company cars; recycling of waste where possible; reduction in energy usage through light/heating sensors.

Rix & Kay’s Key Environmental Principles Policy

As a responsible law firm that is committed to providing expertise and creating a better future for all, we are committed to a clear set of environmental principles. These principles govern Rix & Kay’s wider Environmental Policy and are aligned with four Key UN Sustainability Goals and our ESG Strategy.

Download Rix & Kay’s Key Environmental Principles Policy

LawNet Sustainability Excellence Award

Winner of the LawNet Sustainability Excellence Award 2022 recognising Rix & Kay’s commitment to developing a strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

LSA Logo

We are members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA), which is an inclusive movement of law firms and organisations committed to working collaboratively to take action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

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