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Caroline Knowles-Ley

Associate - Brighton & Hove

6th June 2023

Fence and boundary disputes between neighbours

Fence and boundary disputes between neighbours are a common occurrence. Not only can they create unwanted tension with neighbours but they can end up becoming very costly to resolve. So what is a good approach to fence and boundary disputes between neighbours?

Fences can lead to boundaries being disputed both in terms of their positioning and whose responsibility a fence is often leading to accusations of trespass.

Such issues are emotive and costly, as demonstrated in a recent case between the Hamblings and the Wakerleys where costs have reportedly exceeded £150k with the earlier decision having been appealed.

A far less costly route is to try and reach a compromise or agreement with a neighbour and not let costs, and emotions, spiral out of control. Seek expert assistance both by way of surveyors and lawyers and mediate early to avoid what can be an extremely long and very expensive set of court proceedings.

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Caroline Knowles-Ley is an Associate in Rix & Kay’s Dispute Resolution Team with specialist expertise in property and boundary disputes. For more information or an informal chat about how we can help resolve boundary disputes contact Caroline by emailing carolineknowlesley@rixandkay.co.uk or t. 01273 766917

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