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Georgina Hardcastle

HR Consultant - East Sussex (Uckfield)

29th November 2022

Last month, the Carer’s Leave Bill passed its Second Reading, securing vital Government support. This was a significant hurdle and a boost for carers who will receive new unpaid leave entitlement under government-backed law. Wendy Chamberlain MP, sponsor of the Carer’s Leave Bill said: “This is a landmark day for carers around the UK, marking the first step to secure employment rights designed to help people care and work”.

If brought in, the Carer’s Leave Bill will grant employees a new entitlement to take up to one week of unpaid leave each year to provide or arrange care for a dependant with a long-term care need.

What does the Carer’s Leave Bill mean for Employers and Carers?

Carer’s Leave will be available to eligible employees from the first day of their employment, meaning unpaid carers will be supported regardless of how long they’ve worked with their employer. Staff will be able to take the leave flexibly to suit their caring responsibilities and will not need to provide evidence of how the leave is used or who it will be used for, ensuring a smoother process for both businesses and their employees.

You can also find out more here Gov.uk Carer’s Leave Bill

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