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2nd November 2022

Amber Tiltman is an Office Administrator in Rix & Kay’s Hove team. Amber joined the firm in 2021 and is currently completing a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship. In this blog review, Amber talks about Rix & Kay’s efforts to bring its employees together.

Bringing colleagues together

Rix & Kay have always been known for their friendly and sociable work environment, but when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the company had to start working remotely. To support employee health and wellbeing, Rix & Kay’s leadership team and individuals within the firm were keen to introduce initiatives to ensure people could continue spending time together, including re-introducing office lunches and staff events, once office based and hybrid working came back into place. Some of the staff events that have been organised are: a firm-wide fireworks night, Rix & Kay’s ‘lunch & chats’ between offices, quizzes, and although not organised officially by the firm, staff often arrange lunches out together and drinks after work at the end of the week.

Our ‘ lunch & chats’ are one of the main ways that the company brings people who don’t usually work together, together. Rix & Kay staff are based across our offices in Brighton & Hove, West Kent (Hadlow), Uckfield, Ashford, and also at home, so the teams will go into their respective offices once a month for a team’s call on the big screens and for food and drinks that are provided by the firm. In the ‘lunch & chat’ sessions between offices, we have enjoyed many different activities, in February 2022 all of the offices had a Platinum Jubilee themed ‘lunch & chat’ in honour of the Late Queen Elizabeth II 70 years in reign. We decorated the rooms with union jack flags and banners and we all competed in a quiz about her life, the colleague with the highest score received a nice bottle of wine.

Feedback on Rix & Kay’s ‘lunch & chats’

I asked some staff within our different offices what they enjoy about Rix & Kay’s ‘lunch & chats’, here are some of their answers;

“I enjoy getting a chance to speak to colleagues from other departments that I do not get to see otherwise – it gives us a chance to relax together and have a little fun.”

“I think the lunch & chat is the perfect time to collaborate with fellow work colleagues across all branches over a glass of orange juice and some sandwiches.”

“Rix & Kay’s ‘lunch & chat’ provides a great opportunity to speak to colleagues from the other offices that you wouldn’t normally see, whilst enjoying some nice food and the odd quiz!”

Personally, I think the monthly office wide ‘lunch & chats’ are a perfect way for people who work in different offices to get to know each other outside of a work setting, and it is also something for people to look forward to and enjoy. Whilst undertaking my Business Administration apprenticeship, I have found that these sessions between our offices have been a perfect way for me to keep in touch with colleagues across the whole firm, they have helped me to feel confident when liaising with other team members, and made me appreciate that Rix & Kay values the wellbeing of its employees.

Careers at Rix & Kay

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