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Charlotte Adams

Admin Assistant

7th September 2022

Thinking of an Apprenticeship? Q&A

If you are thinking of an apprenticeship pathway, Charlotte Adams who is currently undertaking an apprenticeship in our Administration team has put together a Q&A blog article based on her personal experience so far. Charlotte works at Rix & Kay’s offices in Uckfield, East Sussex.

How long have you been at Rix & Kay?

I have been with the law firm since March 2022 and I am currently completing a Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship in the Admin department. This role oversees all of the departments so it gives a real insight on how everyone works together.

What educational path did you take that led you to this apprenticeship?  

I studied Criminology and Sociology at University whilst working in retail. I started looking for Admin/Office based jobs after completing my degree as I have only ever worked in retail. I signed up to a recruitment agency where I was contacted about this role in Administration as an Apprentice and I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something different compared to my previous job roles.

What has been your biggest challenge so far at Rix & Kay?                                                            

Adapting my skills from my previous job role. By having only ever worked in part time retail-based jobs it has been a challenge to start working full time in a totally different environment. I have learnt so much in the past four months about various departments within the firm and I have learnt this through my daily tasks. I have gained experience in using lots of new IT systems that I can link into my modules for my apprenticeship.

What do you enjoy most about working for Rix & Kay?

I enjoy working with the team I am in and being in the office five days a week it means I am meeting new people every week, this includes clients and colleagues. I also like that the job is 8:30am until 5pm so it gives me plenty of time after work to socialise with friends and family. There are also monthly ‘lunch and chats’ which are organised to bring everyone together which is a nice way of getting to know fellow colleagues.

How would you describe the qualities of the Rix & Kay people?  

The qualities of the people at Rix & Kay relate back to the vision and values we adhere to which are commitment, expertise and transparency. The firm makes a really big deal in promoting these values to all staff and it really helps bring the firm together and allows everyone to understand what is expected of them in their day-to-day roles. As well as these core values, all the people I work with are really great people who are open, friendly, and above all, really supportive of one another.

Briefly describe your typical day as an Admin Apprentice?

A typical day as an Apprentice in the Admin team includes collecting the post at 8:30am from the sorting office and scanning it to all the relevant legal departments, opening up the offices, covering reception on rotation between 1-2pm which involves answering calls and welcoming visitors, and in the afternoon we bank any payment cheques which may have come through in the day. This is in addition to supporting colleagues across our offices to help enable the smooth and efficient high levels of customer service that Rix & Kay prides itself on.

Do you have any advice for somebody thinking about taking an apprenticeship path?

I think an apprenticeship is a really good place to start, especially if you are uncertain on what you want to do. It is a good way to earn money whilst learning skills on the job. After completing the qualification, it will help open up opportunities and further career prospects. As part of my apprenticeship there are many modules which tie in nicely with my job role.

Apprenticeship Career opportunities at Rix & Kay

Rix & Kay is a firm that embraces equal opportunities and flexible working arrangements. The firm is committed to supporting career progression at all levels and regularly provides opportunities for those seeking a career through apprenticeship schemes.

Visit our careers pages for more information about career opportunities and current vacancies including apprenticeship roles.

Charlotte Adams - Apprenticeship

Charlotte Adams – Apprentice in Rix & Kay’s Admin Team