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Caroline Knowles-Ley

Associate - Brighton & Hove

21st June 2021

My First Year at Rix & Kay

I joined the Dispute Resolution team at Rix & Kay on 01 June 2020, working principally with the Hove based members of the team. As we were still in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic the team, and the firm, were all working from home as per Government guidance. As a result there were so many thoughts running through my mind as the date approached – how I would even get onto the R&K systems in the first place without stepping foot inside the office? How was I going to be inducted into the firm?  How would I get to know my colleagues?  It was quite a daunting thought, quite different from the usual thought of being the new person in the office who doesn’t know where to find the kitchen or the stationery!

The IT Director and HR Manager made contact with me, asked me to download some systems to my home laptop so they could connect me up and merrily installed my remote access within the hour!  Thankfully I had used, and helped develop, the same case management system at my last firm so already knew how to use that, PHEW!  One thing ticked off the list!  Next followed an induction timetable of introductions to people and systems via Microsoft Teams and that was it, I was up and running!  Success for R&K’s first remote induction!

Out of the ‘pandemic’ woods

As we thought we were out of the ‘pandemic’ woods in autumn of 2020 we were finally able to meet and say hi face to face…. But I didn’t know how to get in to the main office, where my desk was or how to log in to the pc or phone when actually in the office!  How odd having been there for several months by now!  And then lockdown struck again… so there we are, all remote again until more recently being able to go into the office occasionally and ‘see’ people.  Almost a year has gone by and I’ve barely been in the office and certainly haven’t met a lot of my colleagues face to face….. who would have thought I would be reaching my one year anniversary at the firm still in lockdown.

For me this experience has turned out to be a positive one… the routine use of video technology has enabled me to meet colleagues in our other offices who I may not have met for some time pre-pandemic, enabled clients to be able to speak to us via one of the many video conferencing options from anywhere in the world rather than the traditional face to face that clients were more accustomed to, the acceptance by everyone to make use of technology has been amazing.  Working from home means I can work a little longer if I need to, I work more flexibly as I don’t have to contend with the traffic to get to the school on time for example or I can log back in later that day if there is something that just can’t wait.

The R&K team made being a new starter easy, great communication and contact with everyone I’ve needed along the way and everyone has made me very welcome.  Now, for my second year, a case of putting the ‘screen’ faces and names to the real life people!

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