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Victoria Regan

Partner - East Sussex (Uckfield)

11th June 2021

IoD South webinar – Not Letting go: Post Termination Restrictions was led by Rix & Kay’s Employment Partner Victoria Regan and Adam Ohringer of Cloisters Chambers who brought viewers up-to-date on the current options available to employers who may need to enforce restrictive covenants or post termination restrictions. Attendees of the IoD South Webinar – Not Letting go: Post Termination Restrictions webinar also heard from Joe Fitzsimons, Senior Policy Advisor at the IoD who provided an update on the recent government consultation on non-compete clauses and what the future might hold.

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The IoD South Webinar – Not Letting go: Post Termination Restrictions

Post-termination restrictions or ‘restrictive covenants’, if drafted correctly, can provide vital protection for businesses in respect of their confidential information and trade secrets, customer and client details and the stability of the workforce. They can be an important tool to protect businesses against the potential harm that can be caused by departing employees who may attempt to use information gained and connections made whilst in employment, in a rival business. As a result of Covid-19, and lockdown measures, businesses have had to implement new ways of working and may have had to make difficult decisions in respect of the reduction of the workforce. It is now more important than ever to consider how best to protect your business and consider if your current restrictions will stand up under scrutiny.

Webinar Overview:

  • Types of restrictions and considerations
  • Enforcement procedures and alternative protections
  • Consultation on reform of non-compete clauses