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Kathryn Paisley

Partner - East Sussex (Uckfield)

11th November 2020

What is ahead for UK business – critical planning as the pandemic unfolds, is the title of a recent thought-leadership report published by Rix & Kay. For a full copy of the report email scottgarner@rixandkay.co.uk

This blog provides an extract from the report and looks at leadership and business planning in the context of the pandemic.

Now is the time for strong leadership

For almost every business leader, the pandemic is by far the greatest challenge they have ever faced. Indeed, one Panellist remarked, “I consider this to be the biggest hurdle I’ve ever had in my career”.

However, despite all the challenges, there was an overwhelming sense of optimism amongst the Panel who agreed that the pandemic had, “called on business leaders to step up to the plate” and that the pandemic had “struck a chord with people and completely changed the way they look at business going forward”.

The key questions facing business leaders

The Panel agreed that, broadly speaking, over the last six months the pandemic had “focused business leaders to reassess what was realistic” in terms of their strategic goals and ambitions and that many businesses were now “finding their level”.

With regards to strategic planning, the big questions facing business leaders were considered to be:

  1. what do I need to change to deliver sustainable profit?
  2. how might I grow my business going forward?
  3. how can I plan for a successful exit?

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Kathryn Paisley, Partner and Head of Corporate at Rix & Kay was a key contributor to the report. For more information contact Kathryn e. kathrynpaisley@rixandkay.co.uk t. 01825 744447

Quotation marks

“In fairness to well-run businesses, they are always thinking about what they are going to do next and I have seen countless examples of great leadership and decision making during this period. Those who haven’t planned have had a rude awakening. If they are reacting now, then it is probably too late.”
Tim Sadka, Corporate Partner, Rix & Kay

About the thought leadership report

What is ahead for UK business – critical planning as the pandemic unfolds, shares the opinions and insight of business professionals and CEOs who took part in a thought-leadership debate on the 25 August 2020. The panel consisted of the following attendees:

  1. Kathryn Paisley, Partner and Head of Corporate, Rix & Kay (Panel Chair)
  2. James Gardner, Managing Director of Sinclair Rush and Vice Chair of Institute of Directors (Kent)
  3. Adam Richardson, Chairman, Quattro Group
  4. Dan Batchelor, Corporate Manger, Handelsbanken
  5. Zahir Kasmani, Investor, BGF
  6. Jack Clipsham, Corporate Finance Partner, Kreston Reeves
  7. Peter Drown, Senior Partner, Beavis Morgan
  8. Chris Sparkes, Tax Partner, Lubbock Fine
  9. Julie Sebastianelli, Director, Hurley Partners
  10. Tim Sadka, Corporate Partner, Rix & Kay
  11. Bruce Clarke, Partner and Head of Private Client, Rix & Kay