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Tim Sadka

Partner - Kent & Sussex

What is ahead for UK business – critical planning as the pandemic unfolds

What is ahead for UK business – critical planning as the pandemic unfolds, is the title of a recent thought-leadership report published by Rix & Kay. For a full copy of the report email

As the UK attempts to come out of lockdown positively, business leaders face possibly their greatest challenge since the 2008 banking crisis as they look to plan for the next five years and beyond.

On the 25 August 2020, a small group of business professionals and CEOs, representing law firms, accountants, investment managers, UK business and the Institute of Directors, came together to discuss the most pressing issues facing organisations across the country in the wake of the pandemic. They discussed the long-term strategic options for businesses and the implications of Covid-19 on business owners planning for exit. The report shares their views and opinions.

Whilst no one can be sure how the pandemic will unfold, the report provides invaluable commentary for UK business leaders, covering a range of key issues including the role banks have to play in supporting UK business, the prominence of private equity funding, and how the pandemic has been a wake-up call for businesses who have not, until now, considered robust strategic planning as critical to their success.

Over the coming weeks Rix & Kay will publish extracts from the report providing more detail on all the key issues.

You can read more about leadership and business planning here

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Those fortunate enough to be leading businesses must remain positive. We must remain steadfast in what we are doing. Yes, the next six months will be difficult but we will get through it like everything else before, but only with strong leadership.
James Gardner, Managing Director of Sinclair Rush, Vice Chair IoD Kent and contributor to ‘What is ahead for UK business – critical planning as the pandemic unfolds.’


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Tim Sadka is a Partner in Rix & Kay’s Corporate Team and a key contributor to the report. For more information contact Tim e. t. 0800 276 115

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