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Caroline Knowles-Ley

Associate - Brighton & Hove

25th September 2020

The six-month moratorium on evicting residential tenants finally ended on the 20 September 2020. This was designed by the Government to help tenants who are suffering financial difficulty during the pandemic, but has also left landlords struggling to act to remove problem tenants.

Unfortunately, as the ban on evicting tenants comes to an end, there is a backlog of cases for the Courts to now deal with and priority is being given to cases with domestic violence and anti-social behaviour issues where rent arrears were accruing pre Covid-19.

The various changes to the notice periods required to be given when serving section 8 or 21 notices, served pre the commencement of court proceedings, remain in place and if proceedings had already been issued but stayed during the moratorium, a reactivation notice will also need to be sent.

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