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Ian Best

Partner - Uckfield

Planning Ahead: Advance Statements, Advance Decisions and Lasting Powers of Attorney

In the present Covid-19 situation it has never been more important to have a personal care plan in place especially for older people and people who are frail or have other serious conditions.

The idea is to give people the chance to express their views on matters that affect them with respect their choices about care and treatment.

No one likes to think about the possibility of being seriously unwell or even dying and it is something that we all want to avoid and put off. However even if it is unlikely that you as an individual will be faced with sudden and unexpected ill-health your relatives and loved ones may unfortunately face such circumstances.

It seems self-evident that, given a choice, most people would like to choose what happens to them in terms of their care. If nothing is done then the person who is ill will not be able to influence how they are cared for.

Advance Statement for care planning

An Advance Statement is a written statement that sets down preferences, wishes, beliefs and values of an individual regarding their future care. An Advance Statement is not legally binding but must be taken into account by anyone who is making decisions about care.

Advance Decision for care planning

An Advance Decision or a Living Will, is often referred to as an advance decision to refuse treatment (ADRT) and is a decision an individual can make now to refuse a specific type of treatment at some time in the future. Advance Decision’s are legally binding provided they cover the circumstances as they turn out to be.

There are various sources of information available for individuals including ReSpect (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) which can accessed on the Resuscitation Council website and also the Compassion in Dying website.

How we can help

Rix & Kay has a dedicated Later Life Team who are happy to discuss the various options with you and also the relevance of Lasting Powers of Attorney both for property and finance and also for health and welfare.

In addition, it may be an appropriate time for reviewing a Will or putting a Will in place and we can help with this if needed.

For an informal chat about how we can help contact Ian Best, Partner in Rix & Kay’s Private Client Team. e. t. 01825 744419

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