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Daniel Dickson

Solicitor - Brighton & Hove

17th January 2019

Councils to enforce action on rogue landlords

Among the talk about Brexit, the UK Government has recently announced that £2 million has been made available to councils to take enforcement action against rogue landlords. Tenants sometimes have to deal with irresponsible landlords, but this Government announcement pledges to ensure that “millions of hard-working tenants get the homes they deserve”.

Last year on 6 April 2018, new banning orders were brought in so that rogue landlords who rent out properties that are deemed to be substandard face being forced out of the rental sector by being named on a database. The database helps Councils share information and aims to track those landlords with a poor record.

Landlords are first given the opportunity to make the improvements needed to the property. If they fail to do so, Councils can use various punitive measures such as fines and banning orders. Eventually, landlords who still fail to comply can be banned from leasing a property for a time period of between 12 months and life.

The new funding will be used to take action against landlords and also help develop relationships with emergency services, legal services and housing advocates.

Tips for tenants when dealing with a rogue landlord

• Check your tenancy agreement to see who is responsible for repairs to the property.
• Make your landlord and, if applicable, the managing agents, aware of the need for repairs as early as possible.
• Take photographic evidence of the problems, and keep a diary of all contact made with your landlord (or the managing agents) to demonstrate the steps you have taken to try and resolve the problem.
• If your complaints are continuously ignored and the problems are not put right, seek specialist legal advice about the options that can be taken.

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