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Janet Raeburn

Partner - East Sussex (Uckfield)

7th January 2019

Divorce Day is said to be the first Monday of the year and is so called as it can mark a peak for people deciding to divorce. What is essential, however, is to recognise how difficult the choice to separate can be. In the vast majority of cases, a separation is not a quick decision made on one particular day, and that well used media term “Divorce Day” does not properly represent the path taken by those involved.

Holidays can mean that stress levels begin to rise, highlighting issues between couples that mean living together is very difficult, and is no longer what suits the family. To make the situation easier for the children, families often stay together until the holidays are over, and there is more time to deal with the issues that need resolving.

This is also why a lot of couples want to start fresh in the new year with the “New Year, New Me” motto.

We know that a separation and divorce can be difficult for the whole family, and is why Rix & Kay are happy to advise and assist you to make the process as stress free as possible. If you would like information on what your options are, please email janetraeburn@rixandkay.co.uk.

Divorce facts

Did you know that you cannot start the divorce process until you have been married over a year?
It is necessary to show the Court that your marriage has broken down, and that can be shown using one of the following:
• Your spouse’s unreasonable behaviour (the most common reason for a divorce)
• Your spouse’s adultery
• Desertion
• Separation for two years (with spouse consent)
• Separation for five years (without spouse consent)

If you would like an informal discussion with Janet Raeburn to discuss any issues around your separation or divorce then please do not hesitate to contact her. e. janetraeburn@rixandkay.co.uk