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Victoria Regan

Partner - Brighton & Hove

16th November 2017

Employment Tribunal fees refund scheme

Following the Supreme Court finding, in July 2017, which concluded that the payment of Employment Tribunal fees was unlawful, the Government has finally provided details of how individuals who have paid Employment Tribunal fees can apply for a refund.

Since the finding in July 2017, no further Tribunal fees have been charged, albeit numerous questions have been raised as to how individuals would be refunded, who may have already paid fees since their introduction in July 2013.

It has now been announced that there will be a first stage of implementation of the scheme, whereby an initial group of around 1,000 individuals will be contacted and offered the opportunity to apply for a refund, before the full scheme is opened up in the next few weeks.

In addition to the original fee paid, successful individuals will also be refunded 0.5% interest, calculated from the date of the original payment up to the refund date.

Anyone who has paid Tribunal fees and has not been invited to take part in the initial stage, can pre-register their interest in applying for a refund once the scheme is fully rolled out, by emailing:

The Government has estimated that the cost of refunds, together with interest, could potentially amount to £33 million.

If you have paid tribunal fees and would like assistance in seeking to recover the fees, please contact Victoria Regan at

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