Queen’s speech announces plans to relax planning conditions

27th May 2016 | Written by Oliver Bussell

Interesting news in the Queen’s speech for property developers and house-builders – there are plans afoot to reduce the use of pre-commencement planning conditions! Those proposals will be in the Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill and should help promote development and encourage consented schemes to actually get off the ground. A summary of the main recommendations are set out below: we’ll be keeping an eye on the detail as it emerges.

The recommendations set out in the Bill are:

  • To support the Government’s ambition to deliver one million new homes.
  • To deliver homes and infrastructure.
  • To transform the way we plan for major infrastructure projects in this country.

For more information on how the Bill might impact on future developments please contact Oliver Bussell, Planning and Development Solicitor at Rix & Kay on 01825 744458 or email OliverBussell@rixandkay.co.uk.