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12th December 2013

Why Make a Will Factsheet

Why make a will?

There are many reasons for making a will, yet many people still die without one. You should put a will in
place if you:

  • Want to decide how your assets are shared out – if you don’t make a will, the law says who gets
    what. By making a will you decide how to provide for loved ones and when they will inherit
  • Have young children and you wish to appoint guardians to look after them and trustees to manage
    their inheritance until they are mature enough to receive it
  • Are not married but you have a partner. Your partner will not inherit automatically and, if you wish
    to provide for him or her, it is essential that you do so by your will
  • Are married but separated and you do not wish your spouse or civil partner to inheritWant to ensure that any family possessions or items of sentimental value pass to the right people
  • Want to make gifts to people or organisations outside your immediate family – for example your
    favourite charities
  • Want to reduce inheritance tax, particularly if you have business or agricultural assets or
    charitable intentions
  • Want to protect assets in the event of beneficiaries’ bankruptcy or divorce
  • Want to protect assets from care home fees. A trust can help reduce the liability to fees for a
    surviving spouse or civil partner and ultimately pass on more assets to the final beneficiaries
  • Want to protect a disabled or vulnerable beneficiary
  • Want to avoid disagreement between beneficiaries or a claim against the estate. A professionally
    prepared will can reduce the likelihood of this sort of problem
  • Have foreign property or assets
  • Want to name your executors, who will take responsibility for your estate and carry out your wishes after your death
  • Want to set out your funeral wishes

A will prepared by one of our experts will give you the reassurance that your wishes will be given effect
and provide clarity for your loved ones. Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.


You can download a copy of this information here: Why Make a Will Factsheet


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